Local Man Discovers Secret to Sticking to Exercise Plan: Being Chased by a Bear Every Morning

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In a startling breakthrough that is sending shockwaves through the fitness community, local man Bob McFit claims to have discovered the ultimate method for staying accountable to a new exercise plan: being chased by a bear each morning.

“Nothing gets your blood pumping like a 500-pound grizzly,” said McFit, who began his unconventional regimen after a camping trip went awry. “You’d be amazed how fast you can run when there’s a bear behind you.”

In addition to cardio, McFit claims his bear-chase routine has numerous other benefits.

“Climbing trees has done wonders for my upper body strength. You haven’t done a real plank until you’ve done one on a narrow tree branch with a bear waiting below.”

Bob McFit

Despite the apparent success of his bear-based fitness plan, McFit has faced criticism from safety advocates, animal rights groups, and common sense. However, he remains undeterred.

“I know it’s not for everyone,” he admitted. “But if you want to ensure you never miss a workout, this is the way to go. Just remember to zigzag.”

While we cannot endorse McFit’s approach, we can confirm that regular exercise, combined with a balanced diet and plenty of rest, is generally considered beneficial for health. Whether or not that exercise should involve a bear is, we suppose, a matter of personal preference.

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