A Beginner’s Guide to NFT’s: How to Lose Your Life’s Savings in Just Three Steps

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Head untalented writer, slightly below-average intelligence, with a knack for making up stories that are not at all true.

In a daring display of financial ineptitude, local resident Finley “FOMO” McInvestor has released a step-by-step guide on how to create and sell your first NFT, and subsequently lose your life’s savings.

“It’s really quite simple,” said FOMO. “Step one, sell everything you own and buy an NFT of a pixelated cat. Step two, realize no one else wants a pixelated cat. Step three, tell everyone else about it. Why do you think I am here talking to you guys?”

While most experts recommend careful research and a clear understanding of the market before investing in NFTs, FOMO argues that’s all nonsense. “Who needs research when you have gut instinct and a blind faith in the transformative power of pixelated cats?”

The guide, which is essentially a single, tear-stained page with the words “Don’t Do It” scrawled across it, is being hailed as a revolutionary piece of anti-financial advice.

“Sure, I lost my life’s savings,” said FOMO. “But I gained a valuable lesson in financial responsibility, and isn’t that worth more than any amount of money? Isn’t it? No? Well, crap.”

In related news, the pixelated cat NFT market has crashed following a sudden realization that cats, pixelated or otherwise, can’t actually be owned. The real winners? Actual cats, who continue to not care about humans’ bizarre financial antics.

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